The Rescue Ranger is a primary weapon in the Engineer's inventory from Team Fortress 2. It is a regular sawed off shotgun heavily adorned with gadgetry such as wires, scopes, monitors that gives it special abilities.


The Rescue Ranger, being a shotgun, packs quite a punch with its shells (which are sculpted solely from electricity). However, the ammo count is cut in half and picking up buildings marks the player for death. Its pros includes its alt-fire, where it fires a spear of energy that teleports their buildings back to their possession from an infinite distance and another bolt of electricity that fixes their allies' buildings.


  • The monitor on the Ranger has a sine wave that changes dependent on the amount of the player's metal. If their metal count is high, the sine wave goes to maximum height, and when it's low it begins to become flatter.
  • While the Ranger seems to teleport the buildings to the player, it actually shoots portable grappling hooks that latches on to the building and drags it towards the player in the blink of an eye.