Welcome to the Fictional Weapons Wiki
The Fictional Weapons Wiki is a place for you to write and read about the weaponry of fiction, and also to plan, create and collaborate on your own fictional weapons. From swords to nukes, tanks to spaceships, we accept all.
Rules and policies
  • No Vandalism - Though this should go without say, purposely damaging an article is restricted and the vandal will be banned if done several times after several warnings.
  • No offensive/sensitive content - Do not post pornography, religious material, or any other content that could offend any users
  • Formal writing - Keep your writing as neutral as possible and make sure to stray from posting your opinions on articles
  • Certain weapons - Be sure that when creating an article, that the weapon is completely fictional and has yet to exist in real life. This is why weapons such as Gordon Freeman's crowbar are not allowed.
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