Dagger of Spite

The Dagger of Spite

"A hatred of all life, a burning contempt for everyone, a great pain of jealousy that can only be nulled by feeding this unholy dagger the blood of more powerful"
---An ancient scroll on the Dagger of Envy

The Dagger of Spite is one of the 7 Tools of Disbeleif and is devoted to the sin of Envy. Forged during the first war of Earth many millions of years ago, the dagger was created from the souls of those damned for the sin of Envy with all those who were sent to hell for that crime being locked into the dagger as well. Currently in possession of the Rajark Cult, the blade has had many wielders over the days with most of them committing suicide through envy of themselves. The blade corrupts those who wield it, with those who do coming to have a fiery contempt for all life eventually even having spite of themselves as mentioned before. The Rajark Cult wishes to use it and the other 6 blades to re open the portal to hell so that the Devil and his minions can rise once again to conquer the modern day Earth, the dagger is also capable of many powers and abilities centered around its sin of Envy.