The Claws of Hades were a pair of chained hook-swords used by the Greek god of the Underworld Hades, but were stolen and later wielded by Kratos in God of War III.

History[edit | edit source]

During the first Great War, the cyclops crafted a pair of magical hookswords solely for the later god of the underworld Hades, along with his helmet of invisibility. Hades then used these claws to win the Great War and kill Atlas with his brothers.

After the Titans betrayed Kratos and cast him into the Underworld during his revenge trip against Olympus, Hades attacked the rabid Spartan using his mythical claws and god-like powers. Despite Hades' almost unstoppable power, he was defeated and killed by Kratos when the latter stole the blades and literally ripped the soul out of Hades.

Features[edit | edit source]

The Claws of Hades has great magic imbedded in it that allowed the user to rip the soul out of the victim. The more souls absorbed, the more powerful both the claws and the user gets. The magic also granted the user limited control over the undead, as it could resurrect and summon any deceased warrior. As they are chained, they could be swung about just as well as the Blades of Exile, granting the same range and is even more efficient thanks to the groping hooks.

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